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Dr Gyne Syrup 200 ML


Dr Gyne Syrup 200 ML


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  1. Regularizes menstrual cycle by providing phytonutrients and nutritional essentials.
  2. Regularizes hormone secretions by providing phyrohormones, hormone precursors.
  3. Restore ovarian functions and promotes ovulation, thus benefits in fertilization and plays promising role in unexplained infertility.
  4. Manages PCOS / PCOD
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Dr Gyne Syrup is the scientifically formulated unique combination of herbs to maintain and provide a natural way for restoring female physiology and reclaiming feminine innocence. It not only ensures safety and efficacy but also assures health in female through cleansing, nourishing and strengthening whole body.


Qand Safaid, Zanjabeel, Dana Heel Khurd


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